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Taekwondo for Women

Listed below is basic advice and potential benefits for women who are thinking about taking Taekwondo or any other martial art. These tips and suggestions come from many female Taekwondo students. My thanks to Diana, Sandi, Mimi, Jill, Paula, Salix, Sandra and of course, my lovely wife! If you have any more advice for Taekwondo women, please send me an email.

  • Cool Factor
    • According to my friend Sandi, children think you are the "coolest Mom ever" if you take Taekwondo. Do you want to be a child's superhero (a butt kicking Taekwondo black belt) or just another soccer Mom? :)
  • Camaraderie
    • These classes can be lots of fun and you will meet many new friends.
    • Take a class with another female friend. Many instructors have women practice together so they can help each other out. Ask your instructor to pair you up with a friend for the drills.
    • The social aspect of Taekwondo is one of the major reasons that I enjoy this great martial art. It will become your own little social club.
  • Stress Relief
    • As my friend Sandi stated "Another reason I do Taekwondo is for my own peace of mind."
    • Taekwondo helps you to forget all of the problems of the day.
    • Hitting something lets you blow off steam!
  • Self-Confidence
    • You will gain confidence as you master complex kicks, forms and self-defense.
    • People will admire your perseverance, fortitude... and your nasty spinning hook kick. :)
    • Our friend Mimi says that Taekwondo builds "self confidence in any individual whether male/female/old or young as long as they stick with it. The learning never ends. Saved my life."
  • Health Benefits
    • You will lose weight, reduce the chance of heart disease & diabetes, build bone mass, improve your mood, enhance your flexibility & balance, etc.
    • However, see a doctor if you have any existing medical issues as Taekwondo can be very strenuous.
  • Weight Loss & Body Toning
    • This is a great aerobic exercise program where you learn new things every class. You won't be bored and you will get into fantastic shape.
    • According to my friend Jill, "don't wait to join Taekwondo until you are in shape. Let Taekwondo help you."
  • Kids & Family
    • See the "Cool Factor" above!
    • A great way to bond with your family.
    • You get to see who are the nice and "less nice" kids in the Taekwondo classes (and thus who should or should not be friends with your children).
    • Our friend Paula made the following comment - "Starting tkd with your family makes it easier since you are all starting on the same level. You can lean on each other for support as you learn. You also become a positive role model to your children. In a time when everyone tends to run to ballet, basketball and band practice, tkd is an activity we can participate in together."
  • Instructors
    • As my friend Diana states, instructors "can be helpful/accommodating if there is a problem, but ONLY if they know about it" to prior injuries or problems. Let them know that you have an issue (i.e. back problem, flashbacks, etc.) so they can design a semi-tailored program for you or at least so they understand why you avoid certain stretches or techniques.
  • Self-Defense
    • Taekwondo teaches you valuable self-defense skills in case you are in a dangerous situation (i.e. facing a potential mugging, rape or abuse). I have created a page devoted to self-defense techniques for women.
  • Male Students
    • You may be less powerful than men but you are much more flexible. So next time, you wish that you could hit as hard as one of the male students... just remember that the men are wishing that they could kick as high as you! I am always wishing that I had half the flexibility of most female students.
    • You learn how to "deal" with the opposite sex in a safe & controlled environment. If you want to learn self-defense, you need to practice against men (who unfortunately are often the trouble-makers in real life).
    • Remember that some of us men are not half bad. :)
    • Seriously, you will bond with all of your fellow students as you experience the joys & pain of Taekwondo together.
    • Our friend Salix states "The only difference I have with training then the guys, is sparring. Some of the other women in my class don't like to spar hard, so we take it easier on each other. Drills, warm-up, poomse and kicks are all the same. Self defense training, we try to partner up with another female (if possible), because some of the holds/ throws are up close and personal.. like getting out of a choke hold. Letting the head instructor know about prior injuries and past experiences that may interfere with training (like getting a flash from past abuse) is very helpful. With them knowing about these things, they can help with building self confidence to get past these things. This is by far the best 'therapy' I have ever had. As a woman in this class, I don't want to be treated any differently than the other students. I am there to learn, the same as anyone else there."
  • Take A Chance
    • Try Taekwondo, many people love it.
    • Take a free introductory class in case you don't like the instructor, intense work-out, etc.
    • Nevertheless, remember the old Asian saying... The first step is often the hardest part of any journey. Or as my friend Paula more succinctly states "The hardest part about starting tkd is actually getting on the floor for your first time. Women (just like everyone else) have to remember, everyone starts at white belt. It will feel strange or uncomfortable for the first few classes until you start to develop some muscle memory. Stick with it at least 3 months before deciding it isn't for you."

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