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Women & Self-Defense

Taekwondo can help women deal with many potentially dangerous situations (i.e. muggings, rape scenarios, bullying, spousal abuse, etc.) if you unable to escape or call for help. However, as our Facebook friends Diana and Todd point out "There are very distinct physical differences between what will work for a man and for a woman... you are going to use different techniques if someone has a foot of height and 100 lbs on you" and "If your attacker has a size and strength advantage on you, some techniques will not work. One has to adapt and focus on efficiency, not brute force". Given this fact of life, most women should focus on techniques that allow them to escape a situation versus trying to overpower a possibly much larger and stronger opponent. Get away from danger! Also try to keep it simple as complex techniques have a greater chance of failing in a stressful situation.

The videos below illustrate basic self-defense techniques for women (i.e. defense against hair grabs and bear hugs). These are the types of self-defense techniques that you will learn at your Taekwondo classes. However, you must frequently PRACTICE these techniques if you want to be able to deal with these type of situations. For more self-defense techniques, please visit our main self-defense page.



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