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Taekwondo & Martial Arts - Visitor Advice, Tips & Assorted Wisdom

Since we get a ton of great Taekwondo & martial arts advice via email and Facebook, we thought we would post the best & most interesting on this page (so others can benefit from this knowledge... and before it gets buried under a thousand Facebook posts). If you have any ideas or tips for your fellow martial arts students, please send us an email with your advice. We have given readers the ability to rate each statement with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Just click on the thumbs up or thumbs down symbols in order to add your vote on the "value" of the advice.

Taekwondo Forms Advice
  • Tiffani - "I like to practice my forms starting from the 1st one that I learned and move up to the form that I am currently practicing. Say I learned 4, 5, and now I am on 6. I would begin with 4 and make my way up to 6. That way when we do them in class I don't forget the steps from the ones prior, and we do occasionally repeat them for the pretest black belts the closer a belt ceremony comes. Hope this helps someone!"

Taekwondo Health & Weight Advice

  • Jill - "Don't wait to join Taekwondo until you are in shape. Let Taekwondo help you (get into shape)."

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