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Taekwondo Tournaments - Local, Regional & National Events

This page will help you to find Taekwondo tournaments being held around the country. These Taekwondo tournaments usually focus on sparring, breaking, forms/patterns/poomse, demo teams and occasionally weapons. If you want to post a Taekwondo or martial arts tournament, please contact us. Please supply us with a link to a tournament website or we will not list the tournament.


Upcoming Taekwondo Tournaments

  • Midwest Open Taekwondo Championship - 2013
    • This tournament will be held November 23rd & 24th in Decatur, Illinois at the Decatur Conference Center and Hotel.
    • There will be forms, sparring, breaking and weapons competition. There will also be grand champion awards in forms, breaking and weapons.
    • Last year, they had over 500 competitors from 13 states competing. This is their 13th year of hosting the event.
    • Forms and sparring competition will be held on Saturday November 23rd. Breaking and weapons competition will be held on Sunday November 24th.
    • They will also be awarding our Chris Canning $500 black belt scholarship and grand champion award.
    • All information about the award and the tournament can be found at
    • Submitted by Master Joshua Sharp, Sharp's Taekwondo, Midwest Open Taekwondo Championship Director

Interesting Events & Martial Arts Tournaments

Taekwondo Tournaments - Regional & National

State Taekwondo Tournaments

Other Martial Arts Tournaments

  • Hapkido - This site lists Pro-Hapkido national and regional tournaments.




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