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Dynamic Stretching for Taekwondo

Dynamic stretching is stretching where you MOVE and stretch at the same time. In contrast, traditional static stretching is where you stand still and stretch. This page will help you to learn a variety of dynamic stretches that you can use in Taekwondo. Dynamic stretching can help you to increase your overall flexibility. However, these stretches should only be attempted after you are fully warmed-up. In addition, this is not ballistic stretching (where you attempt to go beyond your natural stretching limits) which is a more dangerous form of stretching and causes more injuries. Therefore, do not try to stretch beyond your normal static stretching limit (i.e. stop if a stretch hurts). In addition, you should always see a doctor before starting any strenuous exercise program.

Visit our main Taekwondo Stretching page for static stretches (i.e. groin, calf, hamstring, etc.).

  • For a more complete definition of dynamic stretching, please read this Wikipedia article. It describes the benefits of dynamic stretching and a number of dynamic stretches.
  • Or read this Cleveland Clinic article for another review of dynamic stretching and some stretching examples.
  • This NY Times article argues that dynamic stretches are more effective than traditional static stretches.
  • This Runner's World article gives you six different dynamic stretches and a video.
  • Here are some of my favorite martial arts dynamic stretching techniques:
    • Extend your arm in front of you and try to kick the palm of your hand. Start waist high (or chest high) and gradually raise your hand. Don't hurt yourself by starting too high or kicking beyond your natural limit. This stretch will help to increase the height of your kicks.
    • Try running around the Dojang (your Taekwondo school) and lift your knees as high as you can while you run. Kind of dorky looking but another dynamic stretch that helps your flexibility and kicking height.
    • I call these "Lateral Leg Swings" - Swing your leg up to the side (lateral versus forward) and then swing it back so it crosses in front of your other leg. Do this slowly and gradually increase the lateral height of your kick. This stretch will help you to achieve higher roundhouse kicks.
  • See the videos below for dozens of ideas. Some of these dynamic martial arts stretches look very useful and others seem more questionable. :)

Lots of "interesting" dynamic stretches - pick & choose the ones right for you!


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