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Taekwondo Sparring Techniques & Tips

This page provides you with free videos & information regarding Taekwondo sparring techniques and strategies. Taekwondo sparring is a great way for kids & adults to gain confidence, utilize their Taekwondo skills in a "real world" environment (versus just hitting pads or static practice dummies) and lose their fear being hit. Practice these moves at home so you can surprise & defeat your Taekwondo sparring opponents!

Amazon Resources - Books on Sparring Techniques

Taekwondo Sparring Techniques & Tips

  • Sparring Combination Attacks - Use multiple kicks during sparring in order to win. Don't stop after a single kick.
  • Sparring Counter Attacks - How to score a point when you are on defense in sparring.
  • Olympic Taekwondo Sparring - Study Olympic athletes in order to see how they combine offense and defense in Taekwondo sparring. Watch the best Taekwondo athletes in the world in order to improve your sparring strategy and techniques.
    • 2012 London Olympic Gold Medal Matches - Men's Taekwondo
    • 2012 London Olympic Gold Medal Matches - Women's Taekwondo
    • 2008 Olympics - Numerous Taekwondo Olympic sparring matches (i.e. USA vs. Korea). Videos from
    • 2004 Olympics - Korea vs. Greece. Heavyweight Taekwondo Olympic gold medal match. Key tip from this match - Use a back kick or spinning hook kick on an aggressive attacker.
    • Aaron Cook - These Taekwondo videos focus on Aaron Cook, an Olympic contestant from the UK. He knocked out Steven Lopez (the Olympic gold medalist) in 2009.
    • Cha Dong-Min - These Taekwondo videos focus on Cha Dong-Min, an Olympic gold medalist from S. Korea.
    • Jade Jones - These Taekwondo videos focus on Jade Jones, a young Olympic Taekwondo star from the UK.
    • Steven Lopez - These Taekwondo videos focus on Steven Lopez, an Olympic gold medalist from the USA. He will be competing in the 2012 Olympics.
    • Diana Lopez - These Taekwondo videos focus on Diana Lopez who has won a bronze medal at the Olympics. She is the sister of Steven Lopez.
    • Hadi Saei - These Taekwondo videos focus on Hadi Saei, an Olympic gold medalist from Iran. He has won two gold medals at the Olympics (in 2004 and 2008).
    • Sarah Stevenson - These Taekwondo videos focus on Sarah Stevenson, an Olympic Taekwondo star from the UK.
  • Taekwondo Sparring Strategy
    • Move to the side!! Don't just move forward and backwards. Moving to the side (when an opponent attacks) allows you to score easily. For example, when an opponent throws a back kick, you should shift to his open side (versus just moving backwards to escape the kick). This will allow you to avoid the kick, be close enough to throw an effective roundhouse kick and catch him/her in a position where it is hard to block your kick. In this example, if the opponent throws a right leg back kick, you would shift to the right (the opponent's left) in order to score a point.  
    • Sparring Tips - Taekwondo sparring tips from Taekwondo Australia, NSW
    • Sparring Tips from Taekwondo-Information - Good Taekwondo sparring tips for kids just learning how to spar.
    • Taekwondo Sparring Strategy -Taekwondo sparring strategy from
    • 36 Sparring Tips - Taekwondo sparring tips from
    • Excerpts from Sparring Strategies:
      • Counterattacking has a better chance of scoring than attacking for advanced competitors.
      • The most frequently used attacks are roundhouse kick, back kick and axe kick.
      • Successful competitors can effectively counter these kicks.
      • The side kick and front kick are rarely used in competition any more and are highly unlikely to score points.
    • Olympic Sparring Rules
      • According to the sparring regulations from the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), you get one point for a valid attack on the trunk protector, two points for a valid turning kick to the trunk protector, three points for a valid kick to the head and four points for a valid turning kick to the head.
      • Match score shall be the sum of points of the three rounds.
      • IMO - Fancy techniques give you more points but they also can leave you vulnerable and obviously are more difficult than simple (and more reliable) techniques. Olympic organizers are trying to make Taekwondo sparring more exciting and thus they are encouraging spectacular head kicks. Stick with the basics until you have completely mastered more advanced techniques.
Popular Taekwondo Sparring Instructional Videos

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