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Taekwondo & Martial Arts Shoes

As you progress in Taekwondo, you will need to upgrade your cheap & ill-fitting "beginner" Taekwondo shoes. Therefore, I have added my reviews of some highly ranked Taekwondo shoes. These Taekwondo shoes are for more advanced and/or serious students. Here is my personal criteria for the perfect Taekwondo shoe - it must be tight (I always try to get a shoe that is a 1/2 size too small), not too "slippery" (I want to spin but not fall on my ass) and tough (in order to survive all of the spinning and kicking).

If you are looking for information on bare feet & the martial arts (i.e. foot care, injury prevention & strengthening), please visit our Bare Feet & Taekwondo page.

Taekwondo & Martial Arts Shoes

* For all martial arts shoes, I would recommend getting some shoe glue. The soles of many Taekwondo shoes become partially detached after 6-12 months of use (due to all of the spinning and kicking). Use the glue to repair your existing shoes in order to save money.


If you have any Taekwondo shoe "advice" or have a personal review about any brand of martial arts shoes, please send me an email and I will post your comments below.



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