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Taekwondo Self-Defense Techniques

This page provides you with free Taekwondo self-defense techniques that will help you to deal with real-life situations (such as someone grabbing you in a headlock). In Taekwondo, you will be taught techniques that come from a variety of sources (because as my Taekwondo Master likes to states "All martial arts lead eventually to the same point"). Therefore, I have collected a number of free self-defense online video tutorials from a wide range of martial arts including Kung Fu, Aikido, Krav Maga, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, MMA, Hapkido and of course Taekwondo. For martial arts self-defense techniques geared towards women, please visit our Self Defense for Women page.

* However, please DO NOT practice these Taekwondo self-defense techniques on your brother or sister (as someone can get hurt)! Only practice these techniques at your Taekwondo school under the supervision of your Taekwondo instructor.

Amazon - Self-Defense Books

One Step Self-Defense

  • Various Taekwondo One Step Self-Defense Moves - These self-defense techniques are taught by a Korean Taekwondo Master. I always think of the "One Step" method as Taekwondo self-defense with training wheels. You learn the basics before moving up to more aggressive, complex & faster Taekwondo self-defense techniques. This system of training is used in many Taekwondo schools.
  • Various Hapkido One Step Self-Defense Moves - This video shows you a number of Hapkido one step techniques.
  • Basic One Step Self-Defense Techniques - This excellent 1947... yes, 1947 video illustrates many basic one step self-defense techniques. Try incorporating some of these techniques into your one step routines. The female instructor demonstrates a number of effective moves... plus you get to laugh at the old fashioned clothes and music. :)
Martial Arts & Taekwondo Self-Defense Against Kicks

 Martial Arts & Taekwondo Self-Defense Against Punches

 Martial Arts & Taekwondo Self-Defense Against Grabs

 Martial Arts &Taekwondo Self-Defense Against Chokes & Headlocks

 Martial Arts & Taekwondo Self-Defense Against Ground Attack

You do not want to remain on the ground during a self-defense situation because an attacker's buddies might stomp on you, the attacker may be an experienced ground fighter, etc. You want to train at least to be able to break free and get back on your feet in order to fight back or escape.

 Vital Areas - Self-Defense Targets

  • Groin Attacks - In a self-defense situation, you can target an opponent's groin with a punch, kick or knee strike.

 Self-Defense & Joint Locks - For when you want to control and subdue an opponent versus hurt an opponent (i.e. during a confrontation at school or work)

 Martial Arts Self-Defense Against Weapons - Any self-defense technique against an armed opponent should only be used as a last resort (because it is extremely difficult to beat an armed opponent). Attempt other options first (i.e. run away from danger).



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