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Taekwondo Product Reviews

Here are my personal reviews of the Taekwondo equipment that my family & I use during our Taekwondo classes. Hopefully, these reviews will help make Taekwondo even more enjoyable, cut down on potential injuries, improve your Taekwondo techniques and/or save you some money (since you don't have to buy things without someone's opinion regarding a product's "Taekwondo effectiveness").

  • Mooto Forearm Protectors - I upgraded to this better forearm protector in order to cut down on the bruises associated with my old cloth protectors.
  • Flip Camera - This is my review of the inexpensive & useful Flip video camera. I use it to enhance my Taekwondo training (i.e. so I can "see" my techniques on video & fix any errors) and record my family's Taekwondo progress.
  • Brain-Pad Mouth Guard - I upgraded to this well-regarded mouth guard after I received a powerful kick to the jaw during sparring (while I was using a cheap "starter" mouth guard). My jaw ached for a week when I chewed. This premium guard helps to reduce potential jaw injuries.
  • Mooto Canada - Interview with one of the co-owners of Mooto Canada (an affiliate of the Korean martial arts equipment company).

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