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Taekwondo Mouth Guards

This is my personal review of the Brain Pad Mouth Guards that I use for Taekwondo sparring. I ordered this product for my family after I received a super strong kick to my jaw and I had a hard time chewing for a week. Without a mouth guard, I would have lost teeth. For other product reviews, please visit our Taekwondo Product Reviews page.

  • Positives

    • Air passage (holes) in front of the mouth guard so you can breath without opening your mouth.

    • Pushes your jaw out & further apart so it reduces injuries where your jaw connects to your skull. Surprisingly, this was the location where my jaws ached for a week after being kicked (when I was using my cheap starter mouth guard) - not the spot on my jaw where I was hit.

    • Free shipping from Amazon on many models (look for the "free super saving shipping option").

  • Negatives

    • Expensive versus a $2 starter mouth guard (but much cheaper than dental work).

    • I needed to trim the youth model in order to fit in my 6 year old's mouth (but it was a perfect fit for my 9 year old).

  • Conclusion

    • If you want to reduce potential teeth/jaw injuries, you should upgrade from the basic starter mouth guard. I have been using the Brain Pad Pro+ & it has been working great.

  • Amazon

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