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Taekwondo Forearm Protectors

This is my personal review of the Mooto Forearm Protectors that I use for Taekwondo sparring. I ordered this product when I needed to upgrade from my old cloth sparring gear. I was getting too many bruises on my forearm when I used cloth protectors. The cloth protectors are not very good at absorbing/blocking powerful kicks. For other product reviews, please visit our Taekwondo Product Reviews page.

  • Positives

    • Much better padding (denser) than my old cloth & foam forearm protectors.

    • Not overly expensive.

    • Significantly cut down on my forearm bruises.

  • Negatives

    • Does not completely cover your forearm.

    • Shipping costs were too high.

  • Conclusion

    • Upgrade your Taekwondo "armor" to Mooto Forearm Protectors if you want to cut down on bruises and potential injuries. Two thumbs up! However be aware, you will have to buy Taekwondo gloves as this forearm protector only protects your forearm. The cloth protectors cover your fist and forearm.

  • Amazon

  • Similar Products

    • If you prefer another brand, you should examine the Adidas Forearm Protector. This is another similar dense foam sparring forearm protector.



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