Taekwondo at the 2016 Rio Olympics - News, Rules, Results, etc.

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Taekwondo at the 2016 Rio Olympics - News, Rules, Results, etc.

This page provides you with up-to-date news regarding Taekwondo at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.

Live Olympic Video/TV Feeds from NBC

  • Boxing - Live streaming for Boxing matches scheduled to start on Aug 6 (10am EST). Boxing live streaming scheduled to end on Aug 21.
  • Fencing - Live streaming for Fencing matches scheduled to start on Aug 6 (8am EST). Fencing live streaming scheduled to end on Aug 14.
  • Judo - Live streaming for Judo matches scheduled to start on Aug 6 (9am EST). Judo live streaming scheduled to end on Aug 12.
  • Taekwondo - Live streaming for Taekwondo matches scheduled to start on Aug 17 (8am EST). Taekwondo live streaming scheduled to end on Aug 20.
  • Wrestling - Live streaming for Wrestling matches scheduled to start on Aug 14 (9am EST). Wrestling live streaming scheduled to end on Aug 21.

2016 Olympic Taekwondo Facts

  • The 2016 Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • 2016 Olympics website - http://www.rio2016.com/en
  • Taekwondo will participate in the 2020 Olympics. However, there are questions on whether Taekwondo will be offered at the 2024 Olympics.

2012 Olympic Taekwondo Results

  • Spain - 1 gold, 2 silver
  • China - 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze
  • Turkey - 1 gold, 1 silver
  • S. Korea - 1 gold, 1 silver
  • UK - 1 gold, 1 bronze
  • Italy - 1 gold, 1 bronze
  • France - 1 silver, 1 bronze
  • USA - 2 bronze
  • Russia - 2 bronze
  • Argentina - 1 gold
  • Serbia - 1 gold
  • Iran - 1 silver
  • Gabon - 1 silver
  • Thailand - 1 bronze
  • Taiwan - 1 bronze
  • Mexico - 1 bronze
  • Germany - 1 bronze
  • Afghanistan - 1 bronze
  • Columbia - 1 bronze
  • Croatia - 1 bronze
  • Cuba - 1 bronze

My personal ending comments regarding Taekwondo in the 2012 Olympics

  • A very diverse group of winners this year and a number of the traditional Taekwondo powerhouse countries did poorly.
  • Spain did much better than expected. Congrats!
  • The UK has a new Taekwondo champion who should be a strong competitor in a number of future Olympics - Jade "Headhunter" Jones! She was only 19 at the 2012 London Olympics.
  • This was an extremely poor Olympics for South Korean Taekwondo. I am sure there will be tremendous soul searching in that country because they did not dominate their national sport. Sort of like when the USA lost in men's basketball during the 2004 Olympics. Hopefully, Korea will exam their mistakes and come back stronger for the 2016 Olympics.
  • USA also did poorly in Olympic Taekwondo. Unfortunately, the Lopez family exited quickly and may be too old to help in 2016. Luckily, bronze medalist Paige McPherson was only 21 at the 2012 London Olympics. She should come back even stronger for the 2016 Olympics.
  • Most Taekwondo analysts seem to be pleased that the Taekwondo matches in the 2012 Olympics were more exciting and less controversial. This means that Taekwondo is more likely to be included in future Olympics (as it was on the verge of being eliminated after a number of controversies in the 2008 games). However, the IOC (International Olypics Committee) has discussed replacing Taekwondo with sports such as squash, speed climbing, roller derby, etc. Come on IOC!!! You need to include sports with huge worldwide appeal (i.e. Taekwondo) versus unknown & unpopular niche sports.

Past Taekwondo Olympic Facts

  • The 2012 Olympics were held in London, England.
  • Taekwondo was only one of two "traditional" martial arts participating in the 2012 Olympics. The other was Judo.
  • There are four weight classes. Men - under 58 kg, 58-68 kg, 68-80 kg and 80+ kg. Women - under 49 kg, 49-57 kg, 57-67 kg and 67+ kg.
  • However in the 2012 Olympics, a country could only compete in two weight classes per gender. Thus a single country could only win a maximum of 4 possible gold medals in Taekwondo at the 2012 Olympics (2 for the men & 2 for the women).
  • The competition consists of sparring for three rounds of two minutes each. If the match has not been decided after these three rounds, the match has a sudden death round.
  • Officials are trying to make Olympic Taekwondo even more exciting so they are awarding more points for spectacular head kicks. According to Wikipedia, "a kick or punch that makes contact with the opponent's hogu (the body guard that functions as a scoring target) scores one point; if a kick to the hogu involved a technique that includes fully turning the attacking competitor's body, so that the back is fully exposed to the targeted competitor during execution of the technique, an additional point is awarded; a kick to the head scores three points; as of October 2010 an additional point is awarded if a turning kick was used to execute this attack"… "Blows are full force; if one competitor is knocked out by a legal attack, the attacking competitor is declared the winner, since the WTF allows knockouts in sparring competition."
  • The primary gold medals winners in the 2008 Olympics were South Korea - 4, Mexico - 2, China - 1 and Iran - 1. The US came in second in the overall medal count with 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. However, no gold medals.
  • Historically, South Korea has been the primary winner at Olympic Taekwondo. However, other countries (i.e. Iran, China and USA) are becoming more & more competitive. Because Taekwondo originated in Korea, there is tremendous pressure on the Korean athletes to win Olympic gold. For example, Korean athletes fear being branded Taekwondo "traitors" if they lose.
  • The Lopez family has been America's best known Taekwondo Olympic participants in recent years.

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