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Taekwondo Hopping or Step Behind Side Kick

This page teaches you how to do a Taekwondo hopping side kick (also known as the step behind or sliding side kick). It is a great way to close the distance with an opponent & land a powerful kick. To learn other kicking techniques, please visit our Taekwondo kicks page.

* To get very good at your kicks, you must practice! Therefore, I recommend using a kicking dummy to practice difficult kicks. You should also read these martial arts kicking books or check out these kicking DVDs.

Kick Boxing Video - Not the greatest video but it shows you the basics

Taekwondo Step Behind Side Kick - Watch the first 40 seconds of the video

To see the power of a hopping side kick, please watch this short Bruce Lee video

Written Instructions - How to do a Taekwondo Hopping or Step Behind Side Kick

  • To perform a hopping or step behind side kick, you start in a fighting stance. Take a sideways leap towards your opponent then bring your rear foot up to your front foot or beyond your front foot (as your back leg crosses behind your front leg). As your momentum carries you forward, push off with your rear foot and fire a quick side kick at your opponent. This kick is supposed to be fast and cover a lot of ground. It is also less "telegraphed" than the traditional rear leg side kick (where you must rotate & cock your leg) because it utilizes a front leg side kick.