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Taekwondo Injuries & Treatments

If you participate in Taekwondo, you will eventually get hurt. Luckily, most Taekwondo injuries are usually minor such as bruises or sprains. The following information from various medical & sports websites shows you how to treat common minor Taekwondo injuries (i.e. a sprained ankle or a pulled muscle). However, for all major Taekwondo injuries, please see a doctor or call 911 (i.e. you are experiencing severe pain, an inability to walk, excessive bleeding, etc). Also to avoid many minor Taekwondo injuries, you must stretch (before and after class) and strengthen your body.

Symptoms & Treatments for Specific Taekwondo Injuries

Taekwondo Achilles Tendon Rupture & Tendonitis - Symptoms & Treatment

* Please visit our stretching page for a wide variety of Achilles tendon stretches.

Taekwondo ACL Injury (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) - Symptoms & Treatment

Taekwondo Sore & Aching Muscles - Symptoms & Treatment

Too many intense Taekwondo workouts this week? Then your muscles might ache. Visit these medical websites for tips on how to speed up the healing process & reduce future muscle soreness.

Taekwondo Ankle Sprains - Symptoms & Treatment

Twisted your ankle during Taekwondo? The information below provides you with treatment options for a sprained ankle.

Taekwondo & Athlete's Foot - Symptoms & Treatment

Taekwondo Back Pain - Symptoms & Treatment

Taekwondo Bone Bruise - Symptoms & Treatment

Bone bruises are very painful. They are beyond a regular bruise where you have almost broken your bone and have damaged the outer layer of the bone (the periosteum). One of the many injuries that I have "enjoyed" during Taekwondo. :)

Taekwondo Bruises - Symptoms & Treatment

Get bruises during your Taekwondo workouts? The information below shows you how to treat Taekwondo bruises & speed up your recovery. Of course, I know that many of us like to show off these bruises. Manly! :)

Taekwondo Torn Calf Muscle - Symptoms & Treatment

To avoid a torn calf muscle, you need to strengthen your calf muscle with exercises such as calf raises (slowly rise up on your toes & come back down - sort of like foot push ups!). Visit our new Taekwondo torn calf section to learn how I dealt with this injury.

* Please visit our stretching page for a wide variety of calf stretches.

Taekwondo Eye Injuries

Contact sports like martial arts can lead to serious eye injuries. Consider wearing protective eyewear (i.e. sports glasses). See a doctor if you are suffering any vision problems.

Taekwondo Finger, Hand & Wrist Injuries - Symptoms & Treatment

Punches and/or blocks in Taekwondo can lead to finger, knuckle, hand and wrist injuries.

Taekwondo Jammed Finger - Symptoms & Treatment

Jammed your finger during Taekwondo? The information below shows you how to take care of a jammed finger.

Taekwondo Foot Injuries - Symptoms & Treatment

Take care of your feet. They are the primary "weapon" in Taekwondo. Unfortunately, they sometimes hit the wrong target (i.e. someone's elbow). Ouch! The information below shows you how to take care of various Taekwondo foot injuries.

Taekwondo Pulled Groin Injury - Symptoms & Treatment

Pulled your groin during Taekwondo? The information below provides you with treatment options for strained groin injuries.

* Please visit our stretching page for a wide variety of groin stretches.

Taekwondo Pulled Hamstring (Back of Thigh) - Symptoms & Treatment

A pulled hamstring can best be avoided with proper hamstring stretches. If you have already injured your hamstring, see the links below.

Taekwondo Hip Pain - Symptoms & Treatment

Taekwondo Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain) - Symptoms & Treatment

Taekwondo & Jock Itch - Symptoms & Treatment

Taekwondo Knee Pain & Injuries - Symptoms & Treatment

Treat your aching knees! The older you get, the more your knees act up in Taekwondo. I know! :) Visit our new Taekwondo knees section to learn about a large variety of different knee injuries.

Taekwondo Back of Leg Pain/Sciatica

Sciatica is pain, numbness, or tingling in the back of the leg. It is caused by injury to or compression of the sciatic nerve.

Taekwondo Muscle Cramps - Symptoms & Treatment

Experiencing muscle cramps during Taekwondo? The information below provides you with treatment options for Taekwondo muscle cramps.

Taekwondo Neck Injuries & Pain - Symptoms & Treatment

Taekwondo Torn Quad Muscle - Symptoms & Treatment

* Visit our stretching page for quadricep stretches.

Taekwondo Cracked or Fractured Ribs - Symptoms & Treatment

Cracked or fractured ribs can be painful and take a long time to heal. Also they can be potentially dangerous if they injure internal organs. See the sites below for more information on this potential Taekwondo injury.

Taekwondo Pulled Rib Muscles (Strained Intercostal Muscles) - Symptoms & Treatment

  • - This article examines symptoms & treatments for rib sprains.
  • WebMD - This article looks at the symptoms & treatment for a baseball catcher who strained his ribcage.
  • Wikipedia - This article shows you the location of the intercostal muscles.

* Visit our stretching page for oblique stretches.

Taekwondo Shin Splints - Symptoms & Treatment

Taekwondo Shoulder Injury - Symptoms & Treatment

Taekwondo Pulled Stomach/Abdominal Muscle

To avoid abdominal strains during an intense Taekwondo workout, you should strengthen your core muscles. Visit our Strength Training page for various core exercises.

Taekwondo Tendonitis - Symptoms & Treatment

Taekwondo Toe Injuries - Symptoms & Treatment

If you practice Taekwondo without martial arts shoes, you are likely to injury your toes. The information below shows you how to treat Taekwondo toe injuries.



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