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Taekwondo Grappling & Ground Fighting Techniques

While Taekwondo focuses mainly on kicking and punching techniques, many students want to learn grappling techniques in order to add a "ground fighting" component to their overall martial arts knowledge. Therefore, we have created a section to help Taekwondo students learn about various grappling and ground fighting techniques (i.e. throws, pins, sweeps, escapes, etc.). However, these videos are for informational purposes only. All grappling techniques should be practiced under the supervision of a trained martial arts instructor (as people can get hurt if these techniques are used improperly). IMO - Consider focusing on grappling escapes, counters and defenses so you can get back on your feet in order to use the power... and distance of your Taekwondo kicks and punches.

This page contains links to our sister site, Black Belt Wiki.

Mixed Martial Arts & BJJ Grappling Techniques Judo Throws & Grappling Techniques
Grappling Techniques or Submissions

Escapes or Defenses Against Grappling Techniques

* For many more MMA & BJJ grappling techniques, please visit the main Grappling section.


Judo Throws (or Nage Waza techniques)
  • Judo Throws - Hand Techniques (or Te Waza techniques) - This section contains Judo throws such as Shoulder Wheel (Kata Guruma), Two Hand Reap (Morote Gari) and Scoop Throw (Sukui Nage).
  • Judo Throws - Foot Techniques (or Ashi Waza techniques) - This section contains Judo throws such as Front Foot Sweep (Deashi Harai) and Large Wheel (O Guruma).
  • Judo Throws - Hip Techniques (or Koshi Waza techniques) - This section contains Judo throws such as Sweeping Hip Throw (Harai Goshi) and Hip Wheel (Koshi Guruma).
  • Judo Throws - Sacrifice Techniques (or Sutemi Waza techniques) - This section contains Judo throws such as Corner Reversal (Sumi Gaeshi) and Side Hook (Yoko Gake).

Judo Grappling Techniques (or Katame Waza techniques)

  • Judo Pinning Techniques (or Osae Waza techniques) - This section contains Judo pins such as Shoulder Hold (Kata Gatame).
  • Judo Choking Techniques (or Shime Waza techniques) - This section contains Judo chokes such as Sliding Lapel Choke (Okuri Eri Jime) and Triangle Choke (Sankaku Jime).
  • Judo Joint Lock Techniques (or Kansetsu Waza techniques) - This section contains Judo joint locks such as Triangle Lock (Ude Hishigi Sankaku Gatame), Leg Lock (Ashi Garami) and Bent Arm Lock (Ude Garami).

* For more Judo throws & grappling techniques, please visit the main Judo Techniques section.



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