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List of Essential Taekwondo Gear

Here is a list of the essential Taekwondo gear that you will need as you learn this martial art. I have also provided my individual opinions regarding this Taekwondo equipment and/or the reasons that you might want to use these products during Taekwondo. Click on each category link to see samples of the Taekwondo equipment highlighted below.

  • Taekwondo Sparring Gear - Once you improve at Taekwondo sparring, you will want to replace the cheap cloth guards (i.e. forearm & shin protectors) provided by your school. The newer sparring equipment with dense foam offers much better protection. This "upgraded" Taekwondo gear will help to cut down on your sparring bruises & injuries.
    • Gloves - Taekwondo gloves help avoid to avoid knuckle & finger injuries.
    • Forearm Protection - You will be blocking a lot of kicks with your arms. Better (and more heavily padded) forearm Taekwondo sparring gear means fewer bruises. My favorite Taekwondo forearm protector is the Mooto forearm protector because it offers a lot of protection and is easy to strap on. Much nicer than the thinner cloth & foam protectors. FYI - You will need to buy gloves to go with this product (as it only covers your forearm).
    • Elbow Pads - If you want additional arm protection, consider getting some elbow pads. However, there are no official Taekwondo elbow pads that I am aware of.
    • Knee Pads - You want to protect your kneecap during sparring. Knee damage is very difficult to heal.
    • Shin & Foot Protection - Get the best Taekwondo gear that you can afford as two legs smashing together at high speed during Taekwondo sparring can really hurt. Look for the dense solid foam products (such as the Adidas shin & instep protector and Mooto shin & instep protector) as they offer greater protection than the thinner cloth & foam products.
    • Helmet - Protect your noodle.
    • Mouth Guard - Protect your choppers!
    • Chest Protector
    • Groin Protection - Protect your "vital" area! Ouch. It hurts just thinking about it. :)
    • Thigh Protection - Not official Taekwondo gear. However, if you have been hit in the thigh one too many times by a killer roundhouse kick then consider adding this gear to your Taekwondo arsenal.
  • Uniforms - Make sure to buy two or three Taekwondo uniforms. If you have only one uniform, it is going to stink (because Taekwondo is non-stop exercise and you will sweat profusely... like a pig). Buy a second uniform to wear when the other is in the wash. However, remember if it has a black collar, the uniform is for black belts!
  • Taekwondo Shoes - Your Taekwondo Master might sell/give you a cheap pair of Taekwondo shoes as part of your introductory package. Once you have determined that you like Taekwondo and want to keep going, you should upgrade your shoe. The cheap shoes break and catch on the mats. My favorite Taekwondo shoe is the Adidas AdiLuxe Martial Arts Shoe. No laces to come un-done, fits like a glove and has a great tread. Also visit our Taekwondo shoes page for my review of many Taekwondo shoes.
  • Punching & Kicking Bags - This is essential Taekwondo gear if you want to master your kicks and strikes. I have a Wavemaster in the basement in order to practice my kicks & punches. You can also buy some boxing bags if you have a strong ceiling. Also think about ordering some practice gloves in order to protect your hands while punching.
  • Other Useful Practice Equipment - Below is additional Taekwondo training gear that will enhance your power/skills or get you ready for your next belt test.
  • Re-Breakable Boards - You should get some plastic re-breakable boards to help your child with his/her breaking techniques. Many younger kids have a hard time with the breaking portion of their Taekwondo belt tests. You can reuse these re-breakable plastic boards multiple times (much cheaper than the one-shot wooden boards over the long run).
  • Martial Arts Floor Mats - If you train at home, you might want to consider adding martial arts floor mats in order to minimize any impact from falls or throws.
  • Gear Bags - Make life simpler (and easier to carry) by putting all your Taekwondo gear (i.e. sparring equipment, shoes, etc.) into one large equipment bag.
  • Wicking T-shirts - These t-shirts will "wick" away moisture (as you WILL sweat). This will help to lower your body temperature and make things more comfortable during intense Taekwondo workouts. Wear these t-shirts under your Taekwondo uniform.
  • Steel Water Bottles - You will sweat a ton during sparring or a typical Taekwondo workout. Bring your own water and save money (versus buying expensive bottled water)! Also buy stainless steel bottles in order to avoid any potential chemicals that leech out of plastic bottles.
  • Shoe Repair Glue - Taekwondo shoes can fall apart quickly because of all of the spins & kicks. Buy some shoe repair glue so you can fix any minor damage to your favorite shoes (i.e. the sole starts to come off). This cheap but necessary Taekwondo gear will save you in the long-run because you will not have to buy a new pair of shoes every six months.
  • Exercise Equipment - If you are serious, you will have to buy exercise equipment in order to become stronger & more flexible. You need to work on all areas, especially your legs, arms, stomach and back.
  • Sports Glasses - If you wear glasses, consider buying some prescription sports glasses. To excel at Taekwondo, you need to see the thing that you are kicking! :) They will also protect your eyes from potential injury.
  • Video Cameras - Bring along your camcorder so you can tape your kids or have them tape you! Much easier to correct your techniques if you can "see" your mistakes. Also it is wonderful to look back and see how your kids progressed from white belt to black belt.
  • Knee Braces & Ankle Braces - In case you are hurt, you should consider buying some items to support your injured knee or ankle.
  • Taekwondo T-Shirts, Hats, Mugs & Much More - Show the world that you are a Taekwondo stud (or studette)! This is the TaekwondoAnimals.com t-shirt & coffee mug store.
  • Books - Build your home library so you can study martial arts on your own time. This page lists my favorite Taekwondo & martial arts books. They will help you get ready for your next belt test and/or to become a better martial artist/fighter. These books teach Taekwondo forms, self-defense, martial arts stretching, sparring & much more. 

Other Useful/Interesting Taekwondo Gear Purchased by our Visitors

  • Century VTS Wave Master - This interesting practice dummy allows you to work on the accuracy & height of your kicks.
  • Century Body Opponent Bag Wave Master - Practice your kicks and punches with a life-sized practice dummy... better know as BOB (Body Opponent Bag).
  • Pro Leg Stretcher - This Taekwondo gear will help you to achieve greater leg flexibility... even though it looks like a medieval torture device. :)


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