List of Taekwondo Words & Commands

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List of Taekwondo Words & Commands

Here is a list of Korean words for the essential Taekwondo commands (i.e. Attention, Forms & Kick) that you will need as you learn this martial art. Many schools require you to know & speak these basic Korean Taekwondo words & terms in order to receive your belts. There are videos at the bottom of the page that will allow you to hear how many of these Korean words are pronounced.

For additional Korean words such as numbers, names of kicks and various other Taekwondo terms, please visit our main Taekwondo Words, Commands & Terminology page.

Important Taekwondo Words & Commands

  • Attention - Charyut ("Chari-yut")
  • Begin or Start - Sijak
  • Block - Maggi or Makgi
  • High Block - Nopunde Maggi
  • Inside Block - An Maggi
  • Low Block - Najunde Maggi
  • Outside Block - Bakat Maggi
  • Bow - Kyungnet
  • Continue - Kaesok
  • Fist - Joomock
  • Foot - Baal
  • Forms - Poomse
  • Hand - Son
  • Head - Moli or Mori
  • Instructor - Sabomnim ("Sah-bum-nim")
  • Kick - Chagi ("Cha-gee")
  • Knee - Moreup
  • Leg - Dari
  • Numbers (such as 1 through 20) - To learn how to count in Korean, visit our Taekwondo Numbers page.
  • Punch/Strike - Chigi
  • Ready - Joon Bi
  • Referee - Joo Sim
  • Rest - Chose
  • Return - Baro ("Baa-row) - The word used when you have to turn around & face the instructor at the end of your form or pattern.
  • Self-Defense - Hosinsool or Hosinsul
  • Sparring - Kyorugi
  • Stance - Sogi
  • Stop - Kalyeo
  • Taekwondo School/Studio - Dojang
  • Thank you - Kamsa Hamnae Da ("Kamsa-ham-ni-da")
  • Uniform - Dobok
  • Yell - Kihap ("Kee-yah-p") - The word used when kicking or punching for power.

Here are videos where you can learn how to properly pronounce Taekwondo words, commands and terms.

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