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About Us

Taekwondo Animals is run by a family of black belts who want to share their knowledge freely with others. I (the Dad) run the website and the rest of the family offers advice... and frequent criticism. :)

However, if you are looking for the ancient martial art wisdom of a 9th degree Taekwondo Master or knowledge from an Olympic sparring champion then this site is not for you. We are just a bunch of regular black belts who enjoy Taekwondo. Therefore, this site is geared towards children, adult beginners, intermediate students, new black belts and Taekwondo families. This website began as a place where we could save the information that we learned during the week (i.e. our Taekwondo forms) and come back to them at a later date in order to get ready for our next belt test. Now, we want to share that information freely with everyone.

FYI - We run advertising (i.e. Google) on this site, use affiliate links (i.e. eBay) and have created an online store in order to help pay for the upkeep of this website (i.e. webhosting fees). Taekwondo Animals is a labor of love because we certainly aren't getting rich off this website!!!

Interesting factoid (at least to us) - The name of our website, Taekwondo Animals, came from a book that I wrote for children. The book focused on introducing Taekwondo to children (through the use of animal characters). However, since I couldn't find an illustrator for a reasonable price, this book was never published. Nevertheless, my family's goal of helping children (and adults) discover and master Taekwondo did not die... and the name Taekwondo Animals lives on as a Taekwondo website! 

If you would like to contact us, please send us an email. We would love to hear from you!



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