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Martial Arts Comedy

Need some laughter after a long day at work? Then try watching these martial arts comedy videos from "Enter the Dojo". The show focuses on a fictitious martial arts studio. For mature audiences only!

  • Season One
    • Episode 1 - "Welcome to the Dojo"
    • Episode 2 - "Destroy the Groin"
    • Episode 3 - "Rape Class - Part One" - Lots of controversy regarding the humor in these two episodes. For mature audiences only.
    • Episode 4 - "Rape Class - Part Two" - Lots of controversy regarding the humor in these two episodes. For mature audiences only.
    • Episode 5 - "Kill Face" - You know... your tough guy face! Finish the battle before its starts by scaring the crap out of your opponent!
    • Episode 6 - "Into The Darkness"
    • Episode 7 - "Dance of Death"
    • Episode 8 - "Attack the Heart"
    • Episode 9 - "The Hurticane" - This is the Master Ken's secret windmill of death technique! Master Ken states that it "will make you invincible against up to ten men or... fourteen dwarfs". I plan to use this technique at my next sparring match. :)
    • Episode 10 - "Mediation"
  • Season Two
    • Episode 1 - "You Jitsu"
    • Episode 2 - "Thrust of Freedom"
    • Episode 3 - "Defensa De Zombie"
    • Episode 4 - "Imperfect Weapons" - Beware the glitter bow and the toilet bowl brush! :)
    • Episode 5 - "Dojo Holiday"
    • Episode 6 - "Into The Darkness"
    • Episode 7 - "Kung Foolishness - Part One" - I laughed out loud at the "pajama wearing r-----s" comment about Kung Fu. Sorry, not politically correct but it was funny given the occasional rivalry between different martial arts styles (i.e. "My style is better than your style!").
    • Episode 8 - "Kung Foolishness - Part Two"
  • Enter the Dojo's Commentary Regarding Other Martial Art Styles - Comedic episodes explaining why a particular style of martial art is useless (other than Enter the Dojo's Ameri-Do-Te). Meant to be funny so don't take it personally... Master Ken has an episode attacking Taekwondo too. :)




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